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No, I do not agree! Paragraph 19 Defense District Commander Colonel stood out, panting loudly said: We had the C side walls are the most susceptible to attack the incoming zombies, just because Lee believed that an archer's ability to suppress numerous senior zombie shooter only been preserved up to now, if not him, how can we have this opportunity to stand here determine the future direction of China, there is great merit of such a person, absolutely can not be reduced You conspiracy sacrificial lambs!
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You Terran can fly? Haha, if not fly back as early as possible is good! Yao day golden eagle eye NPC laughed, volley flew towards heaven: Can you keep up with it, otherwise you will be eliminated!,
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At this time, Aolei Leia said: cloud adults, so to say Armageddon is coming, then we rebel side, what to do?
We see that in our plan succeeds, Iseli Las aspects have changed them plan to mobilize according to the present Iraqi point of view, they want to in these three locations, with the fleet for battle Berwick ......
Berwick fleet to catch up.

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Wu Kun through a telescope to see the El Nino over about three thousand militants, these guys really uneven, even the most basic formation are not, as a party to attack even heavy weapons are not, so the commander just a military illiterate, even the most basic tactical training at all.
Zhou Jianliang know already hold a bad group of guys would very much love to fight, to destroy the evil El Nino, so it stressed that all those who do not follow the command combat shot, not only for serious discipline, more important is conscientiously implement The above guidelines issued, stick to their positions, when necessary, can keep the attack on behalf of, the army can not let the enemy forward.
After the layout is completed, Zhou Jianliang said: I know you all want to go on happily hold back bad fight, I want to say here is the big battle yet to come, this time not by the commander of any one of their own temper to go and fight the enemy, everything listen to my command and if that one does not kill an addiction withdrawal in accordance with the words of command, commanders will be shot on the spot. principle of this war is to destroy the enemy's effective strength, Young I army, the most important is not offensive but defensive.

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Feel the spear came the force, Victor could not help a bit startled.
Among the three, Chea Sim fish handheld shock edged spear, spear sharp secluded front flashing blue light, the lion god severely stabbed in the chest. Left rear, is holding Liangbing Duanren Mary, like a cheetah aggressive, clever and sharp, stabbing the lion god speed left leg. Right rear, is holding a two-edged enough to have more than twenty meters, almost nearly as high as the Sword of body armor Victor, this time he did not look like honest weekdays, launched a frenzied attack, like a only angry violent ape.
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