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Posted By: vikari on 02/07/2018 5:30:44 AM EST

My deceased uncle was P-47 pilot/MERRY XMAS! (msg id: 2955)
My deceased uncle, Clyde McGrath, was a pilot with the 387th Fighter Sq., 365th Fighter Group, ETO, 9th AF. He received 2 bronze oak leaf clusters for his efforts (he flew only in 1945). Clyde was my favorite uncle growing up...a truly nice guy. Just wanted wish all you old P-47 pilots out there a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (as well of any wives or children of those GALLANT guys). They stopped the Germans from continuing to ravage Europe. All the best...God Bless!

Posted By: T.R. Lazorishak (USAF veteran of the Cold War) (trexkeystoner@aim.com) on 12/14/2017 2:02:24 PM EST

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Posted By: Zillyscef on 10/13/2017 2:28:06 PM EST

410FS Asiatic Pacific Theater Operations (msg id: 2953)
My grandfather was an Armorer (911) IN THE 410 Ftr Sq he received an Asiatic Theater Ribbon w/1 Bronze Star but his separation documents do not have him deployed to that theater. I found transportation passenger lists from HI to Midway in June 1942, but nothing else. He was also at Pearl Harbor during the attack.

I'm wondering if anyone knows if the 410th FS was at Pearl Harbor during the attack and also if there were any operations in the Asiatic theater at midway. If not perhaps point me in the right direction to find the information.


Posted By: Anthony S (anthony.sordini@gmail.com) on 08/28/2017 4:48:26 PM EST

Lieutenant Jack McMahon, Fort Dodge, iowa (msg id: 2952)
My mother, Jane Ann Leary of Fort Dodge, Iowa, was a long time girlfriend of Jack McMahon as well as at the time of his death. I grew up in California but spent my summers in Fort Dodge. Every summer my mother would take me to lunch with mother. As a child you don't realize the signifiicance of things. His death was a great sadness she carried with her for her entire life.

Posted By: Ellen Minahan McGibben on 07/26/2017 9:20:10 PM EST

P-47 Dottie - Return to Flight (msg id: 2951)
To P-47 Flight Leader Doug Eastman

Dear Sir,
When P-47 "Dottie Mae" was returned to Flight in June 2017, I shot some video during the 12 sorties that she flew this year: https://youtu.be/5XL0G4y7XIk ... I saw you videos on Vimeo and thought perhaps you would like to say something about the last mission on May 8, 1945 when Dottie Mae was lost at Lake Traunsee in Austria ?? (any media you choose) Hope all is well. Thank you very much.

Posted By: Ed Martin (EDMARTINTX@GMAIL.COM) on 07/11/2017 6:48:49 AM EST

In Memory of My Father Kelvin Kiebler (msg id: 2950)
My father was a P-47 pilot in the European Theatre during WWI
12.3.1917 - 9.15.2016

Posted By: Kathleen Kiebler on 07/06/2017 12:27:27 PM EST

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Posted By: CraisUnums on 06/30/2017 7:27:06 AM EST

316th Fighter Squadron (msg id: 2948)
My father, Jack C Diamond was a member of the 316th Fighter Squadron from March 1943 till deactivation. Would like to here from anyone that may have information. Thank you!

Posted By: Woodie Diamond on 06/19/2017 3:03:38 PM EST

Lieutenant Colonel Harry E. Krig Passes April 25, 2017 (msg id: 2947)
Hi John, great job with the site and thank you for sharing. I found my Dad, Harry E Krig on one of your pages as I have been digging fro history about him since his passing on April 25, 2017, he was 97. We just had a great Memorial in his home town of Wrightwood, California on May 29, 2017 for Memorial Day. We had members of the 101st Airborne who had saved his life in the Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne, Belgium. We also had Gary Nellis, the son of the late Bill Nellis of Nellis Air Force Base namesake. Dad and Bill were squadron mates and friends. Was an awesome gathering with a small-town backdrop. Anyway, just wanted to check in and again, thank you for the site.

Lance Krig

Son of Lieutenant Colonel Harry E. Krig


Posted By: Lance on 05/30/2017 6:01:17 PM EST

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Posted By: Billyzcef on 05/23/2017 2:46:15 PM EST

Francis Joseph Gigantelli was my Dad's (Oscar Theis) P47 Crew Chief (msg id: 2944)
Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1328)

Posted By: Joseph (freelinjpl@mac.com) on 07/19/2001 4:40:54 AM EST

Joseph - Please contact me

Posted By: Sid Theis (sidneytheis@gmail.com) on 05/16/2017 3:51:29 PM EST

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Anne Hayes-Jones (msg id: 2934)
My Uncle John, (Lt. W. John Phillips) 10th fighter Squadron, 50th fighter Group 9th air force.) was in the same unit.. Left Zephyrhills, FL via troopship.
Was over the Normandy Beaches 6 June 44 in Razorback P-47 "Horizontal Helen" based Lymington, and Caretan (A-10).

Would later marry Joan Kull, whose Uncle was WW I aviator KIA Sept 1918 His Plane: Helen Air.

Posted By: Michael McKendry on 02/22/2017 12:36:35 PM EST

SUBJ1 (msg id: 2933)
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Posted By: TonilykStymn on 02/17/2017 10:11:13 AM EST

348th Fighter Group (msg id: 2932)

I'm searching for anyone who flew with, or had a relative who flew with, Neel Kearby when he was the commanding officer of the 348th Fighter Group. Would very much like to chat about the unit and his leadership style.

Thank you!

John R. Bruning

Posted By: John R. Bruning (johnbruningjr@yahoo.com) on 01/30/2017 4:00:40 PM EST

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