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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Scott P. Gerhardt He also participated in the D-Day practice invasion in early May, 1944, which enabled him to become a member of "Whitton's Wollopers Bombing College." After successfully completing his tour of operations against "Hitler's Hotshots" (30 missions in a Fortress), he became eligible to return to God's Country.
Richard Gibian Received RTU training P-47's Dale Mabry, Florida, transferred to ETO May 1944. Joined 373rd Fighter Group, 411th Fighter Squadron, 9th Air Force, Hastings, England just prior to D-Day. In the next 11 months, flew 87 missions with 411th and returned to Zone of Interior just after Allies crossed the Rhine River.
James Dunbar Gibson B>JAMES DUNBAR GIBSON, born Vicksburg, Mississippi - March 26, 1923. High School - Walbridge, Ohio 1941 - University of Toledo, Ohio 1948. Royal Canadian Air Force July 10, 1941 until 1942. USAAF 1942.1946. Reserve and National Guard of Ohio until 1950. UNITS: R.C.A.F. - #21 E.F.T.S. Chatahn, New Brunswick (Finch Fleet II); #9 S.F . T .S. Summerside, Prince Edward Island (Harvard). USAAF - Aviation Cadet Program Class 43-J Maxwell Field Pre-Flight.....
Jerry C. Gibson Following fighter transition in P-40's, and aerial gunnery training, he checked out in the P-47 at Bruning, Nebraska. He continued fighter training in the P-47 at Abilene, Texas before transferring to the European Theatre of operations in February, 1945.

After arrival in England, he was assigned to the 405th Fighter Group, 509th Fighter Squadron which was based at that time near Maastricht, Holland.

He flew 17 sorties providing ground support for the U.S. Third Army as it advanced through Germany.

Charles E. Gilbert II FIGHTER AIRCRAFT FLOWN: include Hurricane, P-38, P-39, P-47, razorback, bubble and P-47 N, P-51H, F-84, F-94A and C, F-89 D and J. Total Hours: 3500. Enemy Aircraft Shot down: Two ME 109's. Citations: Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, One Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Medal, Eight Oak Leaf Cluster, Presidential Unit Citation, MTO Ribbon, five Battle Stars. As Commanding Officer of the 346th Fighter Squadron, I submitted the name of Lt. Raymond Knight, posthumously, for the Congressional Medal of Honor. It was awarded to his widow.
J. Alfred Gill Was assigned to Westover Air Base, Mass. for training in P-47, then assigned to the 362 Fighter Group, 379th Squadron for OTU.

From here the group was transferred to Wormingsford England in Oct. 1943, 8th Air Force. Then in March 1944 assigned to the 9th Air Force. Left the 362nd Group August 1944 and assigned to the 100th Fighter Wing in France. While overseas met and married present wife Joan Arnold Gill, from the Royal Air Force in Oct. 1944.

Norman Delos Gillmore Military service with 5th Air Force, 310th Fighter Squadron in Asiatic/Pacific Theater. 113 combat missions in P-47 and C-47 (ground support and reconnaissance). Two forced landings in friendly territory (fuel/ oil depletion). Awarded Air Medal and later promoted to Captain (Air Force Reserves). Flew C-46's in Reserves. The "Jug" (P-47) carried me through trees as well as into jungle clearings during forced landings. It was an exceedingly rugged bird - one of the reasons I'm still around.
Chaz (or Chez) Glowczynski Chaz (or Chez) Glowczynski flew with the 390th FS from December 44 through the end of the war.  Chaz was detailed to the 390th as an observer for the Polish Air Force to learn ground attack techniques. My impression is he was to be an observer only, but according to his flight logs and reports he flew on 23 missions.
Robert B. Goff After training, assigned to the 390th Fighter Squadron of the 366 group then stationed in England. Flew eighty-five combat missions mostly ground support from various bases throughout Western Europe.

Was shot down during St. Lo break through and managed to land in the second floor of a brick house near Ahken Germany.

Harry L. Gogan > In 1942 he left to study aeronautical engineering at the University of Alabama and subsequently enlisted as an Aviation Cadet, graduating in the Class of 44-A. After training in P-40s and P-47s with the 321st Squadron in North Carolina, he was assigned to the 57th Fighter Group, 66th Fighter Squadron.

He flew 49 missions through December 1944 when he was shot down over Rovereto, Italy and captured.

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