P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "I"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Carl A. Iavelli ....I remember only 1 1/2 swings of the chute before hitting the snow on heels and back in a vacant lot and was immediately captured by 2 German Soldiers. On Jan. 23 started the trip to Germany by Army truck and was strafed by 2 Thunderbolts the first morning, 2 passes each, wounding my guard, and finished the trip by bus and train at night....
Jacki M. Ilfrey He made first mass flight of Fighter Planes to England, Boleoro Mission, July '42. Flew another long over water hop to N. Africa for the invasion, and became first ace in a P-38. He was an instructor pilot in P47's at Westover in 1943, B&D models, 322nd squadron 326th Group. Had no Combat time in them.
Ray Ilich He was based at Caguari Sadenia, flying P-39's. He flew anti-sub patrol protecting ship convoys in the Mediterrarian Sea, while moving up the west coast of Italy behind the 5th Army advances. The 346th was re-equipped with P-47's and the mission changed to interdiction in support of "operation strangle" and the 5th Army. He flew 102 missions destroying ammunition depots, power stations, bridges, trains, tunnels, and railways.
Harold J. Ingley Graduated with 44-B after completing training in PT-13, BT-13, AT-6, 20 hrs. in a P-40 and the required 80 or so in the P-51. Sent overseas to Italy and Corsica, joined with the Jug Pilots of the 86th Fighter Bomber Group 526th Squadron, after 10 hrs. training in the P-47 , was in combat with the invasion of Southern France.
Max Itzkowitz Assigned to the 58th Fighter Group, 311th Squadron, Max flew among the first production Thunderbolts delivered to Westover AFB, Springfield, Mass. in January 1943. His entire wartime service was exclusively in P-47 s, logging about 1000 hours in the jug, of which about 700 hours was combat time.
Norman M. Iverson After training in Hawaii he was sent with others as a replacement to the 318th Fighter Group stationed at Saipan in the Mariana's; the 318th Fighter Group P47N were transferred to Ie Shima where they flew escort for the big boys who were in B29's, B24's and on occasions the smaller bomber fleets and were also used for skip bombing, dive bombing, strafing and napalm, ground work along the China Coast, Korea, Kyusha and Honshu.
Jesse P. Ivey Assigned, New York Air Defense Command, Bradley Field, Conn., and then to 340th Squadron, 348th Fighter Group, the second Group to fly P-47's at Westover Field, Mass. Departed U.S. April 1943 for New Guinea (5th Air Force). Flew 87 missions of all kinds from New Guinea, Wakde, Biak, and then to Leyte for D-Day plus 2. On to Luzon. As Group Operation Officer, was in charge of all fighter operations covering landing of Marines and Army on New Britain.
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