P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "W"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
John David Walker JOHN D. WALKER, born 23 May 1919, Asheville. North Carolina. He attended Biltmore Jr. College there, and enlisted in the Army Air Corps October 1940. Was an aerial photographer and gunner in B-52*s doing submarine duty out of Mitchell Field. Long Island, N.Y. until he became an aviation student, Class 42K.
Ray T. Walker RAY T. WALKER, born August 18. 1921 in Rosedale. Oklahoma. Graduated Duncan High School, attended Oklahoma University and Cameron College where he learned to fly in the Civilian Pilot Training Program along with Robert Johnson of Law-ton. Oklahoma (European Ace).
Robert Rhett Walker ROBERT RHETT WALKER, born Jan. 4, 1921 in Berkeley, California. He graduated from Queen Anne High School in Seattle in 1939. In October 1941 he joined the R.C.A.F., graduating as a Sgt. pilot in Dec. 1942.
Robert H. Wallace ROBERT H. WALLACE, born 12 July 1922, in Birmingham, Alabama. Graduated Ensley High School 1940. Graduated Auburn University 1948 with B.C. in Civil Engineering. Married 1942 to Lyda Bailey of Hueytown, Alabama. One daughter, Barbara; one son, Robert, Jr., four grandchildren.
Harry W. Wallick HARRY W. WALLICK, born November 5. 1922 in Greensboro, North Carolina. He graduated from high school, attended business college, and was employed as secretary to a Swift and Company division manager when he enlisted in the Air Corps Reserve on August 12, 1942.
Willis R. Walling WILLIS R. WALLING, (WALLY) born August 6, 1921 in Newark, New Jersey, graduated Nutley High School and Newark Preparatory School. He started his business career in the pipe and tube bending field. After Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the Army Air Force, taking his training in the southeast area, graduating and commissioned in the Class of 1943E.
Joe H. Warren JOE H. WARREN, born February 3, 1923 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Joe received his wings and commission at Foster Field, Victoria, Texas in Class 44-B. After completing P-47 fighter transition at Brun-ning, Nebraska, he was assigned to the 508th Squadron of the 404th Fighter Bomber Group.
Capt. John R. White On February 8, 1943 John R. White entered the United States Army Air Corps. John White received his pre-flight training diploma from Lodwick School of Aeronautics, 60th Army Air Forces Flying Detachment, Lakeland Florida under the supervision of the Southeast Army Air Forces Training Center. He then did his Advance Training at Napier Field, Dothan, Alabama.
J.W. Jerry Wurmser His claim to fame is that he almost broke the sound barrier on June 9, 1944, at 6:05 p.m. over Salisbury, Maryland, and lived to tell about it.
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