P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "P"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Zaven Ara Pachanigan Enlisted Aviation Cadets in 42. Graduated and appointed Flight Officer, class 44G, Spence Field, Moultrie, Georgia. First assignment Tyndall Field, Panama City, Florida. Transferred to the ETO November 1,1944 assigned 315 TC, 9thAF England.
Eugene Franklin Palmer Eugene Franklin Palmer was born on June 23, 1918, at Ramona, South Dakota, to Frank and Myrtle Palmer. He had two brothers and four sisters. When Eugene was only a year old, his mother fell ill and died in the influenza epidemic of 1919.
Edward J. Palovich On his 48th mission a bomber escort into Brenner Pass his flight was bounced by 33 enemy planes and in the ensuing dogfight his plane was hit by a 37m.m. cannon shell which exploded in the cockpit wounding him. His plane still responded so he continued fighting until forced to bailout later when the oxygen bottle blew up engulfing the cockpit in flames.
Laurence C. Parfitt Recalled to active duty in 1950, he flew 100 fighter-bomber missions in the F-80 with the 51st Fighter Wing in Korea. Later, with various ADC fighter squadrons in the CONUS he new the T-28, T-33, F-86D, E, F and L. In 1954, on duty with the US Navy's famous VF -11 "Red Rippers," he accumulated 91 carrier landings in the F2H4 Banshee aboard the USS Coral Sea
William White Parish Bill proposed and urged the publication of this type of book of P-47 pilots as a means of recording for public view the part that the P-47 pilots played in World War II, a part that otherwise might be buried in government archives
John E. Parker Parker completed his second tour of duty after 37 ground support missions in Korea while flying P-51 's and wishing for a P-47 . He was a guest of honor, along with five of his 44-I classmates, at Craig Field during graduation exercises for class of 77-I
David Curtis Parrish Enlisted in the Army Air Force as a Cadet April 19, 1942. Graduate of Class 43D April, 1943. As a single engine fighter pilot was selected to join the 368 Fighter Group when it was put together at Westover Field, Massachusetts in the summer of 1943. Served with the 8th and 9th Air Force in Europe, flying a total of 102 missions, 250 combat hours, all in the P-47 Thunderbolt.
James Richard Parsons June 6, 1944, flying cover for D-DAY invasion beaches. Sitting at 10,000 feet watching the entire operation, the ships stretching from England to France. The landing on the beaches. A frustrating feeling to fly cover and not see one German Plane.
Carl A. Patterson
Fred W. Pawell
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