P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "E"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Charles D. Easley P-47 57th Fighter Group, 65th Fighter Squadron, 22nd T.A.C. 12th A.A.F. He flew 73 missions "Operation Strangle" in Italy 1944-1945
Lewis T. Easterling Easterling flew his 68th sortie on December 17 near Mannheim, Germany, attacking railway marshaling yards containing supplies destined for the "Bulge" at Bastogne. While strafing, an explosion engulfed his plane inflicting extensive damage. He headed his flaming plane toward home receiving heavy ground fire. When the propeller stopped turning he attempted to bailout, but became pinned to the side of the fuselage.......
Edwin J. Eckert EDWIN J. ECKERT, born July 15, 1924 in Maningo, Iowa. A graduate of Maningo High School and Iowa State College at Ames, Iowa with a B.S.AG. Engineering degree.

Received wings at Foster Field Victoria, Texas with class of 44-G. After training in P-40's and P-4 7's transferred to Germany in 1945 and joined the 527th Squadron of the 86th Fighter Group.

Robert Marvin (Bob) Edward Jr Each time, the rugged Thunderbolt shrugged it off, and brought him home without a scratch - except once, when he, after landing, stood a Thunderbolt just as straight up on the runway as possible to avoid a crashed P-47 on the runway. He completed 52 missions, and was awarded the Air Medal with 5 OLC
William H. Ehney Ehney flew 90 missions through November, dive bombing and strafing supply routes; bridges; railroads; fuel and ammo dumps; and close support attacks on tanks and artillery.

His aircraft, number 98, was named for his wife, "Sweet Tina."

He Had one of the best ground crews, crew chief, S/Sgt. F. Carman; Crewman, Sgt. M. Scrandingo; and Crewman, Sgt. W. Franklin

John Leard Elder WWII FIGHTER ACE!
John Elder joined Army Reserves after Pearl Harbor and commissioned as Second Lieutenant following pilot training completion at Victoria Field, Texas. Interestingly enough Bert Marshall, Jr - a future fellow squadron commander for the 355th FG was his instructor. He joined the 50th FG which became the 355th FG in May 1942 and shipped overseas with the group in July 1943.
David R. Eldridge In December, 1944 he was assigned to the 406th FG, 514th FS where he flew 23 ground support missions in the Thunderbolt. Later he was sent to TDY to a battalion of the 2nd Armored Division. Here he flew an L-5 "Horsefly" Controller and helped direct flights of P-47's in their ground support missions for tanks on the Allied drive to Berlin. He received a battle field commission as 2nd Lieutenant
Jack Elliot Gun camera and eye-witness accounts confirmed he destroyed or probably destroyed sixty-two enemy locomotives. This was believed by HQS 12th Air Force to be one of the highest single P47 pilot records in WWII. Also confirmed, were four enemy aircraft destroyed and two more probably destroyed on the airdromes of north Italy and Austria.
Thomas F. Ellis Took Flight training Gulf Coast Training Command, graduating class 44B Eagle Pass, Texas. At Venice, Florida completed P40 R.T.U. Joined the 86th Ftr. Gp., 527th Ftr. Sqd. on Corsica. Flew 110 missions 1 E.A. destroyed. On returning to the States assigned Assistant Base Ops. Moore Field Mission, Texas.

In 1946 assigned to Wright Patterson, Ohio, Fit. Test Division, then as Civilian Personnel Officer.

William M. Emory Followed construction career in Knoxville, Tennessee from 1948 to present (1980). Have been in charge of the construction of numerous buildings in the Knoxville area such as University of Tennessee Music Building, -U.T. Field House, Knoxville-Knox County Library, Student Museum, Knoxville Zoo.
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