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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Charles Dahlin The 318th was one of the few combat units flying the P-4 7N. Operating out of Ie Shima, this was a necessity, as the nearest enemy coast was 450 miles away - over water. The average mission was 7 '/2 hours. An escort mission to Seoul, Korea, called for 400 gallons minimum gas over the target and lasted 91/2-10 hours.
A. Frank Dalton In addition to dive bombing, strafing and patrol missions, he escorted light bombers of the 9th in raids over France and the low countries. Some missions were flown with the 48th joining fighters of the 8th Air Force escorting B-17 and B-24s in raids over Germany.

On June 27, 1944, the 48th went to France where they flew from a dirt strip. Within a few days, they took part in the first great tank battle between American and German armor in France. On his 30th mission,. July 23, 1944, flying at 200 feet, trying to destroy a German observation tower, he was shot down by ground fire and crashed in the woods.

George R. Davis Later, his unit continued training at Republic Aircraft Field in Farmingdale, L.I. The unit proceeded to England in December 1943, being assigned to the 9th Air Force. After a few escort missions, the objective was close support to ground troops. Davis participated in the first scheduled flight of planes to land on the continent at a partially completed air strip near the Normandy beachhead in France, this being two days after the "D" Day invasion. He followed and gave support to ground troops through France, Belgium and into Germany,the final base being at Frankfurt
Ernest D. Davis, Sr. 1952 brought assignment to the 1738th Ferry Sq. in Long Beach, Calif. where he again flew P-47s delivering them to the Caribbean Island Nations and South America. He then flew F-86 and F-100 jets and was assigned as Det. Comm. at North American Aviation. During this period he delivered jet fighters across the North Atlantic on "High Flights" where, as Mission Commander for 10 missions, he received an Air Medal. Transferring in 1957 to Osan AFB Korea, he was an Operations Officer with the 311th Ftr. Sq. where he was awarded his Command Pilot Rating. Returning to Andrews AFB, he served until his retirement as a Major in 1963.
George Deaton Deaton's first assignment 31st Pursuit Grp, Selfridge Field. Trained under Neal Kearby flying P-26, P-35, P-36, P-40, and P-39. He claims undisputed record of most "ground loops" in Seversky P-35, 3 times on his back. Each time as number 3 man in V landing formation on sod field at Selfridge, flying Neal Kearby's wing. Attributed to seige of flat tires after air-born.
Robert R. Deen Due to lack of fuel 93rd was detached to Gushkara, India and pilots from other two squadrons rotated through to maintain proficiency. During 20 months in CBI managed to acquire a grand total of two combat missions; both of which are still the lot of the interceptor pilot - early morning, not yet light, soup on the deck and up to just above assigned angels and "Bogey" identified as friendly just after wheels are in the well.

Only then we had no instrument training, a bare bones cockpit and no nav aids. Don't tell me Jug pilots knew no fear!

John T. Delaney On March 24, 1945 he flew a flak suppression mission in support of the airborne invasion across the northern Rhine at Wesel, Germany. He and his aircraft were hit by ground fire. He bailed out and was injured further when he hit the vertical fin of his Thunderbolt. He was captured by a German anti-aircraft unit.
William F. DeSante .....was assigned to Mokalaie Air Base, Oahu for final training before tactical assignment in 318th Fighter Group (73rd Fighter Squadron) on Ie Shima.

Operated from this base with strikes on the Japanese island of Kyushu :until the cessation of hostilities. At that time was transferred to 507th Fighter Group and then to Headquarters 8th A.F. on Okinawa as Staff Classification and Assignment officer until August 1946.

Robert D. Dillon, Jr. ROBERT D. DILLON, JR., born October 8, 1924 in New Orleans, La. and was educated in public schools. As soon as he reached 18 yrs. old he enlisted in the Air Corps as a private and was assigned to Randolph Field. At Randolph he passed the cadet exam and then was sent to Santa Anna, Calif. for pre-flight, Ryan Field for primary, Maranna for basic, and finished at Williams Field in Class 44-A in P-38's.
William C. Diman WILLIAM C. DIMAN, born Septemberr 18, 1919, in Cranston, Rhode Island. Graduated from that city's high school in 1937 and became a professional acrobat, performing in night clubs and theaters. His partner and he were billed as "The Aristocrats of Balance."

The day after Pearl Harbor he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and was sworn in the day after Christmas. His first assignment was changing engines on Bell Air Cobras, P-39's. In order to qualify for cadet training, Corporal Diman studied algebra, trigonometry, etc., in the evening while the rest of the camp slept

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