P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "P"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Roland E. Peterson We had strafed a train and as I pulled up the wing got hit and as I passed over the locomotive the wing scraped the top of the cab. Got back to base O.K., new wing put on next day.
William R. Phebus Perhaps Bill's Air Corp career could best be remembered as the guy who hit the flagpole while buzzing Stone in England while he was supposed to be on an instrument flight training mission
Robert W. Phillips Graduated and commissioned 7 January 1944 at Eagle Pass, Texas. First assignment Central Instructors School, Randolph, followed by assignment as Basic Instructor at Majors AAF, Greenville, Texas. Short assignment as co-pilot, B-17, Lincoln AAF, Lincoln, Nebraska. Lied my way back into fighters in June 1944. P-47s at Harding AAF, Baton Rouge and RTU training at Abilene AAF, Abilene, Texas. Overseas assignment to 85 Sqdn., 79 FG in January 1945, Fiino, Italy. 29 missions
Joseph Franklin Pickerel Joseph Franklin Pickerel
W/M 74" 157#
DOB: 24 Nov 1923
Branch: US Army Air Corp
Enlisted 23 Jun 1942
James W. Pinkerton He flew P-40's in advance training at Luke Field and then transitioned to P-47's at Harding Field, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Pinky joined the 366th Fighter Bomber Group, 389th Fighter Squadron in England. He flew from ALG # 1 in France and followed the 3rd and 9th Army through Europe in close support of the armored and infantry divisions.
Robert J. Pinkowski Aerospace Defense Command writes an eulogy for the fighter Pilot.- Say what you will about him; arrogant, cocky, boisterous and a fun loving fool to boot - but he has earned his place in the sun
Ken Placek By V-E Day Placek had 95 Combat Missions, and received awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with 17 clusters.
John Platner ....assigned 405th Fighter Group 509th FSq. May 1944 - flew 101 missions P-47 Thunderbolt - assigned California Air Nat’l. Guard 1946 assigned inactive reserve July 1961
Edward W. Pleasant He was an active sportsman who fished, ice fished, hunted, raced ice boats, and sailed his sloop up and down the East Coast and inland lakes. . . but his foremost love was flying. There he was, a kid, flying $400,000 worth of bird, and back home his Father wouldn't let him drive his $400 worth of automobile. Ed said, "Up there, you had the world by the arse!"
Stephen Plutt On 13th mission was badly shot up by a flock of ME-109s while escorting B-25s to a target in Greece. Managed to return to home base on one engine. On 17th mission again escorting B-25s to target in southern Greece engaged ME-109s over target area and had to crash land in mountains of southern Greece.
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