P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "B"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Henry Smyth Bille WWII FIGHTER ACE!
Hank Bille joined Army Reserves in November 1941, trained as tank gunner, re-assigned as pilot trainees and graduated from Aloe Field, Texas as Second Lieutenant February, 1943. He joined the 357FS/355th FG just before the 355th sailed for England in July.
Robert D. Billett Close support ground attacks were added to his repertoire. V.E. Day found his group stationed near Biblis, Germany, having been the first fighter group located at an air field east of the Rhine River. Lt. Billett flew 98 missions in just over five months, all in P-47's.
I Charles R Blair On my first such mission, I was to fly the CO's wing and I asked Arbo if he thought we'd get 'em off and he told me what to do if he got off. I trailed a little behind him and saw that he was using all the runway - and then he was off! - I shot the 'water' to "Miss Lou" and soon I was off and flying! Gosh dog!"
Alfred M. Bolender Involved in two crashed aircraft. One on a routine training flight in England and the other a result of chasing a Me-262 in Belgium. In the latter he was rescued and dug out of the overturned P-47 by a Belgium farmer and in five days was returned to England.
Maj, Gen. Jones E. Bolt Dad spent 13 months in Stalagluft III and was on the deathmarch in December 1944... he continued with a carreer that spanned 33 years and my father was one of the first 4 Thunderbirds when they were flying P-80's and needed to come up with an arial demonstration team to recruit new officer candidates for the newly formed USAF.
Robert A. Booth He was killed in action on 10-27-1944 over the Vosges Mtn. He flew a P47D Wing no. 42-76744.
Benjamin F. Borden Trained at San Antonio, Enid, Oklahoma, Foster Field, Texas; P-40's at Foster Field, P-47's at Seymour Johnson Field, Goldsboro, North Carolina and Bluthenthal Field, Wilmington, North Carolina;
Robert B. Borset He flew 67 missions in close support of Infantry and Armored Divisions. Awarded DFC, Air Medal with 8 Oak Leaf Clusters. returning from mission in December, 1944, after encountering very heavy ground fire, he discovered only one gear would lower and lock - consequently look a very shaky ride in on the belly.
David John Boss Dave went overseas as a replacement pilot in March 1944, joining the 396 squadron, 68 fighter group at Mons, Belgium. During the ensuing months he flew 80 missions - flying escort to B-26's, dive bombing, strafing; he once destroyed 16 locomotives in two missions. He was also one of half dozen pilots to use the "loss bombing" technique in combat (technically A.I.B.R.).
George E. Bostwick He was awarded the Silver Star for his accomplishments on this mission. Two days later, on July 6, flying LM.Z "Ugly Duckling," Bostwick destroyed an ME 109 in the air over Beaumont, France, to become an ace. On September 8, on this 70th mis. sion, he destroyed three FW 190's on the ground at Euskirchen Airdrome.
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