P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "S"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Dick R. Schlegel Wife: Maxine. Married April 4, 1943 at Clemson, S.C. Have 2 sons and 1 daughter - all of whom are rated private pilots. Wife Maxine has also taken lessons.. I fly to my courts, and may be the only flying judge in Iowa who does so.. Nothing spectacular - just enjoy life and loved flying the jug. 750 hours of that airplane.
E. Dustin Schlueter Made an advanced aerial gunnery instructor at Bluethenttial Air Base in Wilmington, North Carolina. He and three other pilots landing at Wilmington, North Carolina called in landing instructions in German and instead of a court-marshall were assigned to tow targets and frozen as 2nd Lieutenants for one year. Assigned to the first squadron of P47N's and flew the original endurance mission -Wilmington to New York City, back to Wilmington, to Key West, Florida landing finally in Orlando, Florida.
William A. Schmitz ......a career in aviation that spans more than 40 years of test flying and management in the aerospace industry was launched when 400 hours of "fountain pen time" was added to Bill's log book by a test pilot at Curtiss-Wright named Herb Fisher.
James Schoene Schoene at nineteen arrived in the European Theatre, October of 1944 where he became a member of the 9th Air Force, 406th Fighter Group, 514th Squadron. By joining his outfit at nineteen Schoene was the baby of the squadron. He became a flight commander at twenty, but remained the youngest member of the 514th. He had 58 missions over enemy territory when the war ended in Europe.
Lloyd Ralph Scott We placed a flight of two jugs on each corner of the bombers. As we approached the area of the enemy bases so did the 109's. They attacked us in flights of four, from all directions. As they came in we turned head on at them. We followed this procedure several times and they broke away each time.
Charles B. Screws He was downed by enemy ground fire January 29, 1944, evaded to Spain with outstanding help by the French nderground, returning to 1.is group May 1944. He was awarded the Air Medal and Purple Heart.
John C. Seal .....from biplanes to jets, from fighters to four engine bombers, John C. Seal, one of the nation's noted test pilots for over 20 years, has flown them all.
Milton A. Seale He was tail-end Charlie in his flight when he went over and after 88 missions and many pilot losses. he was a flight commander when he was sent home.
Fred A. Selle In October, 1944, he joined the newly formed 508 FG, 7 AF, and after checking out in P-47 's flew coastal patrol with that group in the Hawaiian Islands. In July, 1945, he was assigned to the 318 FG, 8AF, flying P-47N's. As the war was coming to an end he was flying missions over Japan and on August 9, 1945, while on a diversionary fighter sweep witnessed the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.
Thomas Edward Seuss Mr. Seuss joined the Army the day after Pearl Harbor, became a fighter pilot, flew 99 combat missions in a P-47 in Europe, and landed a glider filled with paratroopers behind enemy lines during the crossing of the Rhine River, for which he was awarded the Air Medal for spearheading an invasion.
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