P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "P"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Edward T. Pawlak Survived a mid-air collision with another P-51 and also a dunking in the English Channel. Returned to the U.S. in Jan. 1947 and released from active duty as a Major. Remained in active reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel until retirement.
Milen Payovich
John H. Pease Initial fighter strikes for the group commenced in February, 1944. Colonel Pease flew 125 missions, consisting of bomber escorts (Ramrods), dive bomb, and interdiction missions against rail heads, ski bomb sights (Buzzbombs), bridges and close support of one of General Patton's combat teams.
Lloyd E Penne He flew roughly 107 missions in the jug in 44 and have a pic from Tantonville France from 44 with his airplane named 'Marg'.
Frank H. Peppers With his group attached to General Patton's 3rd Army, he flew close support missions before and during the battle of the Bulge, bombing, strafing, and destroying tanks, trains, tunnels and bridges.

Credited with 21 bridges destroyed, he was considered top bridge buster of the 9tb Air Force.

John B. Percy Returned to Bloomington, Illinois, December 1969 and began flying for State Farm Insurance Companies, present position as Chief Pilot on Turbo.Prop Aero Commander and Learjet 35A. Have flown for some 38 years in 30 different types of aircraft and accumulated over 11,500 hours
Frank S. Perego Flew 115 combat missions in P-47. Two E/A unconfirmed air-to-air, one E/A destroyed on ground. Group received Presidential citation for destroying over 500 vehicles in one day.
Louis J. Pernicka After a check out flight of one hour and two landings, he flew his first combat mission. The objective was to divebomb a bridge and strafe the area. His P-47 was hit by flak on the initial run and severely jamming the flight controls. He was forced to bail-out over the Tyrrhenian Sea and was picked up by the British Air Sea Rescue Service, floating in a dinghy. His combat virginity having been lost under most difficult and wet circumstances
Everett E. Peters He later transferred to Aviation Cadets and graduated with Class 43H. Joined the 373th Fighter Group 412th. Squadron during its inception at Westover Field, Mass. in August, 1943, and remained with it until it was deactivated at Mitchel Field November, 1945.
Cletus W. Peterson Shot down April 1944 by ground fire strafing airport near Osnabruck, Germany. Captured two days later near Oldenburg, Germany. POW Stalag 111 13 months. Separated from service April 1945 Captain.
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