P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "K"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Earl Lehman Kielgass Class 43-K pilot training (Williams AAB, Chandler, Arizona). P-47 RTU at Dover, Delaware. Joined 9th Air Force and 368th Ftr.Gp. at A-3 on Normandy Beach. Stayed with 396th Fighter Squadron (Thunderbums) till end of European war with bases at A-3, Chartres, Laon Athies, Chievre (Belgium), Rheims, Metz, Frankfurt AM, and Nuremburg.

Spent some time flying P-51's with Arizona National Guard. Recalled as regular in 1947 with First Fighter Wing March Field, California. Flew out of Frankfurt on the Berlin Airlift in 1949 then spent several years in Air Training Command training pilots (T-6, T-28, T-33, B-25 etc.)

Ike K. Killingsworth Civilian Pilot Training (CPT)- 1942; Aloe Army Base, Victoria, Texas, class 43-H Commissioned 2nd Lt. - August of 1943 (AT-6 and P-40), Joined 404th Fighter Squadron, 371st Fighter Group, Richmond, Virginia and Camp Springs, Maryland (Andrews AFB) - October 1943. ETO with 371st January 1944. One year flying 100 combat missions in the P-47 Thunderbolt (9th AF and 19 TAF)
Captain Everett G. King Captain Everett G. KING. 411th Squadron of the 373th group of the 9th Army Air Force shot down on mission by the Luftwaffe near Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines. 1920-1944.
Frank N. King After combat, transferred to 27th Air Transport Group, Belfast, Ireland. Flew new aircraft to combat bases, including P-47, P-51, P-38, B-26, A-26, B-24, B-17, and C-47. Flew troops and cargo in ETO. Flew spotter cub to Paris. from Scotland. Toured Paris prior to troops entering. Returned to States October 1,1944. Assigned P-47 combat instructor at Richmond, Va.
Claiborne Holmes Kinnard WWII FIGHTER ACE!
Clay Kinnard graduated with a BSCE at Vanderbilt University and joined the USAAF before WWII. He graduated from flight school in August, 1939 and served with various squadrons until going to war with the 356th FG in August, 1943. He transferred to 354FS/355FG as Squadron CO in November 1943, but was off ops with a severe ear infection until February, 1944.
Jean Kisling Back in France, Jean KISLING has been in the French Air Force until June 1946. He joined AIR FRANCE in 1947 and has been instructor Airline Transport Pilot from 1955 to 1964. In 1980 he is still flying for AIR FRANCE as B-747 Captain. He spent summer vacation in Alaska flying amphibian LAKE BUCCANEER on water.
Peter W. Klaassen He graduated with Class 44A at Eagle Pass, Texas and after fighter transition training was assigned to the 78th Fighter Group, 83rd Sqdn. at Duxford England, flying a total of 355 combat hours in P-47's and P-51 's. Returning to the United States after the war, he worked at reactivating the 127th Fighter Interceptor Group, Michigan Air National Guard, becoming that unit's first Post-War Commander. He continued engineering studies and flew with the Air Guard until 1960, at which time he became a manufacturing engineer with Teer-Wickwire & Company, a large automotive parts manufacturer in Jackson, Michigan.
Ralph F. Kling Ralph went to England and was with the first replacements to the 388th Fighter Squadron, of the 365th Fighter Group in May, 1944. He flew 68 missions, all ground support and reconnaissance except 4 as radio relay and/or escort. He earned 12 Air Medals and destroyed one ME109. Kling was shot down on a "recon" mission in Luxemborg when his gas line was severed by ground fire during a strafing pass.
Karl M. Kloeppel Accompanied by his Dad they both had their first airplane ride at Holmes Airport, Queens in 1928 after the Gates Flying Circus moved over from Teterboro. Still at a very impressionable age he vowed he would become an airplane pilot from that moment on. He started flying lessons in 1937, legally soloed on 1 November 1939 and was employed at a large CPT Flight School and Seaplane Base during 1941.
Joseph A. Knell, Jr. It was during his sophomore year at Loyola College in 1943 that he enlisted as an Aviation Cadet. He received his "wings" and Second Lieutenant's "bars" in the class of 44-F at Mission, Texas. His introduction to the P-47 Thunderbolt came at Harding Field in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he received 150 hours of combat training in this fighter aircraft.
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