P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "E"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Gardner W. Engel One memorable sortie included becoming separated from his flight while following an ME-109 through an undercast for a "probable," sighting a formation of 60 plus bandits at low altitude and a long, lonely ride home. His sighting report proved to be a forewarning of the gaggle tactic the bombers were to face over Berlin.
Jack Engman Capt. Jack W. Engman, a P-47 pilot who was killed in action in WWII. He was part of the "Ninth air force outfit". Jack was killed over St. Lo, and was buried in a grave in a church yard in Danby, about 7 km southwest of Canisy. He was later reinterred at a VA cemetary in the Los Angeles area
Robert C. Eschweiler Flew 57 tactical and ground support missions in 138 combat hours out of Louvain, Belgium, Venlo, Holland, and Lippstadt, Germany. Downed 1 FW-190 in an encounter on April 8, 1945 near Hanover, Germany in which the 41Oth accounted for a total of 10 destroyed and 4 damaged. Served as an air-ground controller while stationed in a tank with the Second Armored Division in February - March, 1945.
Albert L. Evans Jr. A tactical commander or operational staff officer for almost entire career. Command Pilot. Jet Qualified. Parachutist. Five thousand pilot hours. Qualified in over sixty different types of aircraft, mostly single engine fighters, ranging from the P-36A to the F-l 05D.

Flew one hundred combat missions in WW II in the CBI Theater (twenty-five in the P-47). Total combat time 359 hours (103:50 in Jugs).

Arthur E. Exon Was named the Squadron Commander of 64th Ftr. Sqd. "Black Scorpion" the end of July 1943 as a 1st Lt. Commanded the Squadron thru April 1944 when was forced to bailout over enemy territory in Italy due to Aircraft Fire. Was a prisoner of War for a year and nine days.
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