P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "A"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Ralph Anderson Jr. On first combat mission over the Hump on a 20,000 ft. patrol, flying wing on George F. Schlagel, was jumped by Japanese , formation and was awarded one probable Zero (Japanese Oscar) destroyed. On December 13, 1943, returning from escort mission with flight of six P-40's, flying wing on Regis L. Pappert, intercepted and attacked 60 plus Japanese, confirming one Jap Oscar and damaging one Betty Bomber.
Donald A. Angell Experiences in RTU include: managed to pick up a 100lb practice bomb in the horizontal stabilizer while skip bombing (they said it couldn't be done); discovered that the Jug almost stopped flying when you fired all eight 50s at 35, 000 feet; and that it had the glide angle of a footlocker. An oxygen malfunction on a high altitude cross country resulted in a belly landing - did a nice job of replowing a field that was being plowed at the time.
Eugene E. Armstrong Entered service December of 1942, transferred to Cadets - class of 44B - took training in S.E. Air- force, Arcadia, Florida. Bush Field, Augusta, Georgia. Advanced training, Dothan, Alabama. Arrived in England D-Day plus 7, crossed channel on A-5 strip, Omaha Beach. Flew 43 missions. Shot down December 26th of 1944, Battle of the Bulge - bailed out.
Russel H. Atkinson In January 1943 he enlisted as an Aviation Cadet and trained in the Eastern Flying Training Command, Class 44E at Maxwell Field, Alabama; Jackson, Tennessee; Walnut Ridge, Arkansas; graduated and commissioned at Spence Field, Georgia ...
Staryl C. Austin Enlisting in the Air Corps in 1942, he first went through CPT Primary. Qualifying as an Aviation Cadet, he completed pilot training at Spence Field, Georgia, in Class 43-I. On completion of P-47 transition at Richmond, Virginia, he was assigned as a P-47 Instructor Pilot at Dover, Delaware. A year later he joined the 410th Fighter Squadron, 373rd Fighter Group, in Belgium, remaining with the same unit until V.E Day and completing 58 missions before the European War ended.
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