P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "F"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
James W. Faehl Released from active duty in 1946 he began a career as a Designer/Engineer at Wright-Patterson AFB. Projects included aircraft maintenance stands, runway sweepers. aircraft modifications, and aircrew training equipment. From 1961 through 1978 he was a Project Engineer in Flight Simulators, including the first all-digitally-computed flight simulator to enter the Air Force inventory, the C-135B.
Robert W. Falconer Joined the 373rd Fighter Group, 41Oth Squadron, in the fall of 1944 and flew 66 missions in France, Belgium and the Ruhr valley of Germany. Missions were dive bomb. ing and strafing primarily in close support to the ground forces.

Dead-sticked a flak damaged "Jug" in Belgium on the friendly side of the front line - the clock and camera still worked.

James Fall James Fall was born 27 April 1923 in rural Fulton County, Indiana. He was a son of a WW 1 Air Corps veteran. While attending Manchester College he volunteered for the Army Air Corps 1 July 1942. He began cadet training in Classification and Pre-Flight Centers at San Antonio, Texas; received Primary Flight training at Victory Field, Vernon, Texas; Basic Flight training at Enid Army Air Base, Enid, Oklahoma. He graduated from Advanced Flight training with the Class of 43-J, 3 November 1943, at Foster Field, Victoria, Texas. After a few hours flying P-40s at Foster he was sent to Transitional Flight training in P-47s at Perry Army Air Base, Perry, Florida.
James F. Farrell In the Spring of 1945, the gas-guzzling Jug was in danger of being eliminated from the ever gasoline-short 14th Air Force in favor of the P-51. Farrell was one of eight pilots sent on detached service with their P47's to a P-51 outfit in Hsian, China, (the end of the longest supply line in WW II) to prove the P47.
Glenn W. Faulkner Glenn Faulkner was shot down and killed April 22, 1945 in Northern Italy. He was a P-47 Thunderbolt fighter as part of the British 8th Army, 85th Fighter Group, 12th Air Force at the time of his death.
Frederick H. Le Febre Of the many fighter planes he flew, which in addition to the P47 included such planes as the P40, P51, P8O, T33, F86, F1O1, F102 and the Mach 2 F106, he says the sentimental favorite is the faithful old Jug.
Gene B. Fetrow On his 56th mission while escorting light attack bombers on the Dieppe Commando Raid he was shot down by a Focke-Wulf 190 with an incredible full-deflection shot!!! Fortunately he was able to bailout of the burning plane and landed in the Dieppe Harbor where he was rescued by the returning commandos
Alfred L. Fetters Volunteered special-assignment overseas - Destination Unknown. Arrived Sarragea Air Base, Corsica, 85th Ftr. Sqdn., 79th Ftr. Group, 31 July, 1944 ... Here he was introduced to the P-47 Bubble Type D Fighter Bomber with first mission flown Aug. 10,1944. The following months, through V.E. Day, he flew 100 missions over enemy lines. Including destruction of airfields, railcars and marshalling yards, trucking, tanks, gun emplacements, maritime shipping, bomber escort, and air support to ground forces.
Kathryn (Sis) Fine She was instructing in Pawling, N.Y. when she heard about the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron. Became one of the original twenty.seven women in the WAFS in January, 1943, at New Castle Army Air Base in Wilmington, Del. Ferried PT-19's, L-2B's, L-4B's, PT-26's, PT-23's, AT-6's, C-78's and C-61's.

Received instrument rating at St. Jo., Mo., flying PT-13's and C-47's. Then was sent to pursuit school in Brownsville, Texas, where she checked out in P-40's, P-51's, P-39's and P-47's.

James J. Finnegan In December, 1979, Finnegan was notified that an ME-262 he had claimed as "damaged and probable" while flying a JUG in a B-26 escort mission on April 25, 1945, turned out to be an actual downing of a German jet fighter piloted by Lt Gen Adolph Galland. Galland was a leading Luftwaffe fighter ace with 104 kills, all on the western front. The notification to Finnegan came from a researcher who confirmed this after thorough examination of Air Force Records and Galland's own account in his autobiography "The First and the Last."
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