P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "Q"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Charles R. Queen All good fighter pilots discuss ad nauseum their 'kills' and their superior prowness in violating the skies. The only 'kills' I have are two FW 190's that were inadvisedly parked on the apron in front of a hangar in central German in 1944. I was briefed to bomb the hangar with my two 500 pounders and as instructed, took careful aim and with absolute concentration on the task at hand, missed the hangar and hit the two defenseless FW's.
Paul J. Quilty He took part in the air support of "Omaha" beach on "D-Day" June 6th, 1944. The 368th Fighter was the first to be based in France. He shot down a ME-109 on June 22, 1944. He also had a probable and a damaged at a later date. As an assistant Grp. Opns. Officer he was on duty when the "Battle of the Bulge" started and took part in setting up and briefing of successful air strikes against German tanks during the early hours of the breakthrough.
Jack A. Quinlan In May of 1944 he was shot down over Wewak, New Guinea when his squadron was on a strafing mission at Wewak. He was able to find his way out of the jungle after nineteen days and was subsequently hospitalized at Port'Moresby, New Guinea.

He then returned to combat duty where he completed flying some approximately 200 missions. He was credited with having shot down 208 enemy aircraft from New Guinea through Ie Shima. The last two aircraft were shot down over the Southern Islands of Japan.

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