P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "O"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Mary Tufts Trotman O'Brien She became interested in flying through Jack O'Meara, a test pilot QB, and well known glider pilot. She bought an airplane, a two seated Taylor. craft, and flew out of Congressional Airport, Rockville, Maryland. Studied for her commercial pilot's license at Emery Riddle's in Miami, Florida.
Lt. Martin G. O'Connell, Jr. Lt. Martin G. O'Connell, Jr. was my grandfather. I found your site, and a mystery is solved; I did not know the date of his death. I don't know much about him. Any information you can pass along would be appreciated more than words can express. Do you know if any of the 83rd Fighter Squadron are still alive?
Jim O'Toole Entered Air Corp. in April 1943. Graduated from Spence Field, class of 44-F in June of 44. May hold cadet record for most tours awarded one incident (212),
Edgar G. Obie I flew 75 missions - 3 missions on D-day. I had eight of my planes shot up bad enough to go to repair depot but these 47's were real tough. I never bailed out and always managed to get them back to home base...
Eric J. Ohman Flew cover for the Anzio Invasion and escorted a C-54 carrying President Roosevelt to the Cairo Conference....
Clarence F. Olson In the late summer of 1944 we were equipped with new P-47D's and finally into combat. All together I flew 102 combat missions, mostly ground support, blowing bridges, rails ammo dumps, fuel dumps, anti aircraft installations, some bomber escort too. Our squadron, 347th had 3 Unit Citations when I left it in April, 1945
Norman Olson dropped out of Marquette University to join USAAF Reserves and commissioned a 2nd Lt. following graduation from Foster Field Flight School in May, 1942. Assigned to 313th FS/50th FG, he then became a flight leader in the 357DF/355FG in March 1943. B y the time Olson reached the ETO with the 355th FG in summer 1943 he had accumulated over 700 hours flight time.
Andrew J. Osborne His first flight in the theater was out of Port Moresby, New Guinea, where he flew with the outfit for 110 missions, 300 hours of combat and 9 major battles. . . touching places like Noemfoor, Weiwak, Hollandia, Rabaul, Leyte, Mindoro, Luzon, Okinawa and Japan.
George W. Osborne George flew 56 combat missions, over France, Belgium, and Germany, primarily dive bombing and strafing, including support for Patton's tanks. He also spent 21/2 months at 78th Inf. headquarters as Air/ Ground Cooperation Officer, coordinating air support for the infantry. During this time, the division accompanied the 9th Armoured when it took the Remagen Bridge and made the first Rhine crossing.
John B. Owen Owen was assigned Operations and Training Advisor to the Commander, Royal Laos Air Force in 1961. The primary "weapons system" was the T-6 with two .30 calibre guns slung in pods under the wings. He was one of the last USAF pilots qualified in the T-6
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