P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "N"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
William Harrell Nellis He was reported missing in action over Luxembourg 27 December 1944 and later information indicated he was killed in action that same day. He was serving as a member of the 513th Fighter Squadron, 406th Fighter Group, at the time of his death........ A bronze dedicatory plaque given by the veterans' groups and school children of Las Vegas to Nellis Air Force Base reads: "WITH COURAGE AND DARING HE BROUGHT THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY DEFENDING HIS COUNTRY WITHOUT REGARD FOR HIS PERSONAL SAFETY OR WELFARE"
Milford D. Nelson Married to Marilyn A. Miller July 1943 at Corsicana, Texas. Had 22 best men as entire cadet squadron attended. One son David, three daughters, Cynthia, Mary Beth, Jo Ann. Four grandchildren. Attended Northern Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago.
Robert F. Nelson In 1940 he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and in 1942 was court-martialed for slow rolling an aircraft in which aerobatics were prohibited, performing them under the minimum prescribed altitude and endangering His Majesty's Weland Lysander and Flight Sergeant Pilot Nelson.....
Patrick J. Ness Participated in the D-Day Invasion as top cover over Omaha Beach, flying three missions. Leapfrogged across France and Germany with bases at Carantan, Paris, Laon, Lyon and Nancy France, flying a total of 871 Missions.....
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands H.R.H. PRINCE BERNHARD OF THE NETHERLANDS H.R.H. The Prince of the Netherlands (Bernhard Leopold Frederik Everhard Julius Coert Karel Godfried Pieter) Prince zur Lippe-Biesterfeld, G.C.B., G.C. V .0., G.B.E. and is a Life Member of the P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association.
William R. Nevitt One of original ten officers to write, teach and fly first student navigators, Barksdale Field, La., 1941. Director of Training, Navigation Schools, Albany, Ga. and Monroe, La., 1941-1943...
Edward P. Neyland His second mission was almost his last when a ME-109 sneaked up behind him and riddled his Thunderbolt with 20mm cannon fire. Nineteen-year-old Lt. Neyland was able to guide his badly crippled ship back to an emergency landing at his English base where he received the Purple Heart and Air Medal.
Robert C. North Memorable flights included a pre- dawn take-off on a successful strafing mission near Peking, watching tracers coming at him, but feeling confident in the Jug and knowing its eight fifties were going to do their job; the previous day, engine failure, a ground loop, a chuck hole and a full belly tank led to the firey end of his P-47......
Glen T. Noyes Noyes is one of the few who has flown all of the '47's - the 0-47 and P-47 at Abilene, the C-47 at various places and times, and the Boeing B-47 as a Strategic Air Command combat crew commander...
William F. Nuding Checked out in the T -Bolt in Tunis, Africa - damn near got killed - seems the prop pitch on the P-40 is in about the same place as the mixture control in the Jug. Wondered why the R.P.M. wasn't decreasing as I pulled the handle back after take-off across Tunis Bay. On looking down I found I had been pulling the mixture control back
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