P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "H"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Ralph W. Hackett After Pearl Harbor he enlisted in the Army Air Corps Reserves and was called to active duty in February, 1943. He trained in the Class of 44-F, graduating from single engine pilot school at Victoria, Texas and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. First assignment in the first Air Force as a Replacement Training Unit pilot, training in P-47 Thunderbolts at Camp Springs, Maryland and Millville, New Jersey Air Force Bases
Albert L. Hagg, Jr. Combat assignment to European Theater with the Ninth Air Force in England to the 412th Fighter Squadron, 373rd Fighter Group in May, 1944:, just in time for the invasion of the Continent. Al flew his first mission on D-Day, June 6, while only 19 years old, and for about six months was the youngest pilot in his group.
R.C. Hainline When I was a kid I made rubber band driven models called R.O.G. (rise off ground) which we adapted with firecrackers and bombed our opponents. Later I made a glider but couldn't get enough pull to get it airborne with my weight, but did get airborne without me in it but crashed on landing.
Joseph C. Hair Served as mechanic and Flight Engineer on Lockeed Hudsons and B-25's. Received appointment to aviation cadets in fall of 1942. Pre-flight at Maxwell Field - Primary - Decatur, Alabama. Basic was at Greenwood, Mississippi. Advanced Training was at Craig Field, Selma, Alabama
Roy H. Hall Attended Middle Georgia College, Cochran, Georgia where I studied civil engineering. Left Middle Georgia College to work with the U.S. Corps of Engineers in North and South Carolina building air bases and glider bases. I enlisted voluntarily at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Graduated from Aviation Cadet School at Marianna, Florida. Had operational training at Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia.
Frederick W. Hammond ....born May 16th, 1920, Birmingham, Warks, England. Joined R.A.F. aged 17 years as Aircraft Fitter, commenced Pilot training 1941, posted U.S.A. and graduated at Craig Field, ALA., Class of 42K. Returned to England as Sgt/Pilot flying Hurricane 1s. Was then posted to the Far East, Burma Theatre of Operations, joining 135 Sqdn, R.A.F. flying Hurricane IIc,s. Sqdn re-equipped in May 1944 with Thunderbolt 1,s.
W. C. Hammond-Adler Educated Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Learned to fly at Poughkeepsie in Great Lakes Trainer. Private Pilots license 1937. Enlisted RCAF 1940 received direct commission. Transferred to RAF 1940, flew Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lysanders, Fairey Battle's, and Blenheim aircraft. Transferred to USAAF December 1943. Assigned to 86 Fighter Bomber Group, 527 F.S. Sicily, Italy, Corsica Southern France Invasion.
Winston P. Handwerker He enlisted in the Army Air Corps as an Aviation Cadet in May, 1942. In the class of 43-I, he was the highest ranking cadet when the class received their wings and commissions at Spence Field, Georgia. He trained in P-47's at Dale Mabry Field in Tallahassee, Florida and was then assigned to the 5th Air Force 58th Fighter Group, 310th Fighter Squadron in Dobadura, New Guinea.
Major Joseph J Hankes My dad was a hump pilot who flew primarily C46's. This picture was merely him jumping in the cockpit of P47-D-23-RA for a photo opp. I have many pictures of him around C46's as well.
Robert C. Hansen In June, 1944, he was sent to the Southwest Pacific, Fifth Air Force and joined the 69th Fighter Squadron of the 58th Group in Saidor, New Guinea. The group moved through the Pacific to Noemfor, Dutch East Indies; Mindoro, Lingayan, Clark and Porac in the Philippines and finally to Okinawa where at the end of the war they were flying missions against Japan.
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