P47 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "C"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Arthur Cain 2nd LT Arthur Cain. A P-47 Pilot assigned to the U S Army Air Forces, 69th Fighter Squadron, 58th Fighter Group in the Philippines in the 1944/1945 time period.
LaVern "Squash" Campbell The 465th squadron flew daily missions in the last months of the war. It was equipped with new long-range P47Ns and the group was awarded a Presidential Citation for the "longest fighter sweep" - 7 1/2hours - Ie Shima to Kiejo, Korea.
R. W. Red Campbell He flew on missions that won the GP- two distinguished unit citations. The first was on 25 Aug., 1944 against a concentration of merchant and naval vessels in Brest Harbor. Despite a heavy overcast and heavy and intense anti-aircraft fire from shore and ships, the 362nd repeatedly bombed and strafed shipping and shore installations
Joe H. Canion After receiving commission, he flew P-39 at Thomasville, Georgia went overseas to 350th Fighter Group, 345th Fighter Squadron, in North Africa, then to Sardinia, on to Corsica, then to Pisa, Italy. The 350th Group re-equipped with P-47 in April, 1944. He flew 114 ground support missions. He was shot down twice.
Calvin T. Carhart Graduated from Advanced Flying School, Marianna, Florida as a 2nd Lt. Was an original member of the 366th Fighter Group, 391st Fighter Squadron, stationed at Wilmington, N.C. This unit was shipped to England in December, 1943 as an Operational Group and new with the 9th Air Thru "D-Day". Moved as a Group to Air Strip # 1 on the Normandy Beach
Donald O. Carlson Under the impression he would be sent to beautiful Australia, Don enlisted as a Tech. Sgt. in the 301st Ordinance Battalion in March 1942! These dreams soon went awry, so taking advantage of his pre-war pilot training, he transferred to the Army Air Force one year later.
Melvin Carlson Melvin Carlson was a flight leader of the Hell Hawks, 365th Fighter Group, and flew a P47 Thunderbolt. He served in the air offensive Europe, Normandy North France, South France, Germany, and received the rank was Captain Major, USAF. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross air medal with 3 silver OLC and 3 bronze OLC, American Comm Ribbon, EAME SV Medal, American Campaign Medal, OCC Ribbon w/c (Germany), WWII Victory Medal, II Overseas bars.
Roy D. Carlson ...he joined the newly activated 368th Fighter Group, 397th F.S. at Mitchel Field, N.Y . Two hundred fifty Jug hours later in Dec. 1943, the Group sailed from Boston to England. By March 1944 they were given the green light by Pete Quesada and flew their first mission over France. Flying bomber escort out of England one day, he picked up his brother's bomb group and provided personalized escort service. Needless to say, this made headlines in the Red Oak Express
H. Don Carlson, Jr. Missions consisted of low level ground support, liquidating enemy strong points, destroying bridges, air fields, railroads, tanks and artillery. At times facing intense anti- aircraft fire from batteries from mountain positions higher than our attacking altitude.

Upon return from one mission his crew chief noticed a hole in the plane's cowling, reaching inside he pulled out the head of a rooster - damn bird was flying too high!!!

Roger F. Carroll He was stationed in Australia, New Guinea, the Dutch East Indies, the Halmaheras, Philippine Islands, and Okinawa where he flew 126 combat missions. These missions included escort, patrol, interception, and close ground support. His squadron would carry 2500 lbs. of bombs on each plane. (1000 under each wing and 500 under the belly).
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