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Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1801)
My dad and I build scale airplanes. Dad has a replica pilots jacket with a P-47D from the 8th AF, we think 78th Fighter Group, plane #226590 with the name Thourobred on it. We'd like to know more about the pilot, like his name.

Posted By: Steve Shedroff (sshedroff@cinci.rr.com) on 12/10/2005 12:36:23 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1800)
Interested in Mason in Hampshire

Posted By: Malcolm Dodd (maldodd@sapo.pt) on 12/01/2005 5:32:47 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1799)
I am interested in finding anyone (or relatives of anyone) who served with my grandfather, First Lieutenant Bryant L. Cramer, in the 514th Fighter Squadron, 406th Fighter Group, shot down over Germany on August 7, 1944. Bryant was apparently the unofficial barber of the group and went by the nickname "Cashy". Any information would be appreciated by his only daugher, my mother, who was born right after his death. Thank you!

Posted By: Cara Montrief (carahiw@mindspring.com) on 11/28/2005 3:29:46 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1798)
I wanted on this Veterans to honor my dad james r towner for his service in the Army Airforce during WW 2.It is a special feeling to be able to look up to your father as your hero and dad you are my mine. I also wish to honor all of you who risked your lives in serving our great country! God Bless you all and thank you so much for what you have done for all of us! God Bless You All

Posted By: james r towner (jamestowner@netscape.com) on 11/11/2005 10:28:51 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1797)
Webmaster email links have been updated to our new webmaster email address, p47webmaster@logicmountain.com. Apologies if you were unable to contact us in the last few weeks - we're still here! We are transitioning the website to a new server and great new features, stay tuned and thank you for your ongoing support!

Posted By: William Frederico (p47webmaster@logicmountain.com) on 11/11/2005 10:44:39 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1796)
Sadly, I could not contact the web site P47wemaster.net to correct or, rather, update my dad's family biography. Does anyone know if this is possible? He Has Two grand children that were born prior to his death, but post publication of the bio. Reese McHenry: youngest offspring of Capt Thomas McHenry 373rd fighter group, 411th squadron 9th Army Aircorp.

Posted By: Reese McHenry (reesemchenry@yahoo.com) on 11/06/2005 6:05:02 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1795)
Hello At the time of excavation on the "crash point " for a plane P.47 ? several machine gun was to find,can you help me for identify the serial for the plane shot down the machine guns to have the serial following: 1251616. 1251514 1251262. 1251476. 1251509 Thank you for your help jean paul

Posted By: Jean Paul Favrais (jeanpaulfavrais1@aol.com) on 11/03/2005 4:29:13 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1794)
I wandered in while looking on the web for some particulars concerning the P-47 for a fiction piece which includes a fighter group that escorted the Op. Aphrodite/Op. Anvil attempt. I found what I was looking for pretty quickly, but ended up staying. These accounts are fascinating; I could read these stories all day! My thanks to the pilots who shared their experiences, and the Association for making them available to us.

Posted By: Chris (aristeros@gmail.com) on 10/30/2005 1:42:30 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1793)
Hello everyone, I am currently looking to purchase photos of a P-47 flown by the Tuskegee Airmen. I want to build a large (100 inch wingspan) radio control model to compete with across the country. Can any one help me or point me in the right direction for photos of the "Jug"? Many thanks. Chic

Posted By: Chic White (redtailpilot@aol.com) on 10/26/2005 7:12:54 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1792)
I wish to say thanks to all WWII veterans for your sacrifices and courage. I owe my freedom to you. You are all heroes to me. I have always been particularily fascinated by WWII fighter pilots, especially Thunderbolt pilots. I am also a collector of WWII items used by veterans, as I consider the items to be valuable historic artifacts that should be cherished along with the sacrifices and legacies of the veterans. Its important that these items, and the experiences of these men are preserved for future generations. I own original named A-2 jackets or helmets worn by pilots with the 56th fighter group, the 373rd, the 358th, the 507th and the 318th. All are P-47 groups. Please allow me to mention that I would greatly cherish, and pay VERY well, for orginal named A-2 jackets and other flight gear or dress uniforms from WWII fighter pilots. If anyone would consider such an option, please e-mail me at: hockeyhistory62@yahoo.com Thanks again to all vets for the freedom you have given me. I don't take it for granted and I do understand I have it because of you and your comrades. God bless you all, and your families. Mike

Posted By: Mike (hockeyhistory62@yahoo.com) on 10/21/2005 8:05:45 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1791)
very nice

Posted By: maga (maga@yahoo.com) on 10/20/2005 8:05:33 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1790)
I am very proud to say that LTCR Harry T.Stewart,Jr. USAF is a personal friend. He is one of the famous, "Tuskegee Airmen". Harry parachuted from a crippled P-47 into my community in 1948. He has since been adopted by my town of Van Lear. Harry was the Grand Marshal of the 20th Annual Van Lear Town Celebration held in August 2005. Our local post office issued a special postage cancellation with the P-47 incorporated into the design. Thanks, Danny

Posted By: Danny K. Blevins (blevinstar@yahoo.com) on 10/18/2005 9:54:53 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1789)

Posted By: johnkinn (johnkinn4@aol.com) on 10/05/2005 8:34:44 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1788)
Does anyone know/remember .C. HAMMOND-ADLER, ("KIP") born 7 May 1920. (http://www.p47pilots.com/cfm_Biographies.cfm?pageMode=VIEW&storyid=259) Shana (his daughter) is my girlfriend...he left her with very little in terms of history and it would be invaluable to reconnect with someone who spent time with him to share memories...

Posted By: Ken Lienemann (klienemann@gmail.com) on 10/03/2005 12:21:30 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1787)
some years ago a friend of mine run across a P47 wreck deep in a forest during a trekking near toulon, France. The story told the pilot had bailed out.That was during WW2, but none had found the plane before. would there be Any possibility to found out wha the pilot was. Thanks for help . And many thanks to all of you who helped to free Europe

Posted By: patrick brunet (p.brunet1@chello.fr) on 10/02/2005 11:45:54 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1786)
Hello , anyone out there who knew a Lt. Diard Gordon from the 492th F.Sq. 48th F.G. ? With friendly regards, rudi

Posted By: rudi simons (simons.rudi@worldonline.be) on 10/02/2005 2:01:53 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1785)
I am trying to contact Phil Moore,see post below re,41-6246.I have some info on this A/C and it's pilots.I tried to email you but the address didn't work.please email me.Thanks,Matt.

Posted By: Matt (cckw.gmc@btinternet.com) on 09/30/2005 3:29:59 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1784)

Posted By: Ahmed (universal_zoom@yahoo.com) on 09/26/2005 4:16:30 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1783)
I am 13 years old and love WWII history and its planes. To me the "jug" is one of the best fighters of the war and i some times wish that i was able to fly it back then. I found this site very informative and i am going to tell a friend about it.

Posted By: Jerry Campos (none ) on 09/12/2005 11:05:24 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1782)
I am a C-130J pilot in the USAF and my grandfather, Foster Auyer, flew with the 511FS/405FG/9AF from May of 1944 through March of 1945. He is currently living in Fort Myers with his wife Ann. Over the years he has shared numerous accounts of the many people and places he encountered overseas to include a unit history compiled from old microfilm records. My hope is that those of you that participated appreciate the importance of documenting the past for the next generations as I'm certain there still many fascinating stories yet to be told. Thanks so much for your service!

Posted By: Jill Browning (flyhercs@yahoo.com) on 09/04/2005 3:07:52 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1781)
Hello, i'm an historical researcher about Air War over my country (Reggio Emilia, north italy). I have collected over 60 crash site of WWII plane, and i'm tryng to rebuild the history and keep alive the memory of the airmens who baled out or died in WWII. Need help from anyone who remember a comrade baled out or crashed in my area. First, i have a particular case taken from 12thAF report: "November 10, 1944 - Robert Taylor of the 524th fighter squadron bailed out of his P-47 near Ligonchio, Italy (0724)". Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance, please e-mail me. Michele

Posted By: Michele Becchi (cusna@katamail.com) on 09/04/2005 4:29:40 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1780)
Translated Tondon De Castro's guestbook entry (previous entry) using babelfish, looks like it was written in Portuguese. Rough translation but you'll get the ides: The dream to fly had another direction later that Brazilian aviators of the group "Seat the Púa", heirs right-handers of Santos Dumont, had flied in the P-47 to fight against the Nazi-fascism.

Posted By: () on 09/02/2005 11:45:37 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1779)
O sonho de voar teve outro sentido depois que aviadores brasileiros do grupo "Senta a Púa", herdeiros diretos de Santos Dumont, voaram no P-47 para lutar contra o nazi-fascismo.

Posted By: Rondon de Castro (rondon@smail.ufsm.br) on 08/19/2005 5:16:01 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1778)
My grandfater was a member of this association. He was also shot down over German occupied france and a POW. I have created a website outlining some of his experiences during the war. Please stop by and check it out! http://www.bryanmfields.com/iltaylor/

Posted By: Bryan Fields (bryanmfields@netzero.com) on 08/19/2005 12:12:03 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1777)
Iam looking for DWIGHT E WILKES , PILOT OF P47C 41-6246 with the 83rd F.S, 78th F.G ,would like to find also a photo of this P47 showing the nose art beleaved to be sweetpea [ from popeye]. would also like to find ,RICHARD. F. HUNTER, who had a landing accident in this aircraft whilst it was with the 495th,FTG,ATCHAM,and details of POLIT OFFICER PETER QUINCI,who was killed in a training accident in this P47. Many thanks Phil

Posted By: PHIL MOORE (kpandkgmoore@tiscali.co.uk) on 08/14/2005 2:50:48 PM EST

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