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I concur with my friend Joe Noah below - Mr. Dyer (below), next time you view ’Fighter Squadron’, note many P-47s from the 362nd FG ’The Maulers’. We invite all to visit our ’USAAF Resource Page’, profiling mainly fighter pilots & a/c from WWII: http://www.tiac.net/users/srose/urg/index.html

Posted By: Rocky Gooch (Rock352@AOL.com) on 06/10/1998 12:26:52 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 492)
Delighted to see your P-47 site. My cousin, the late Major George Preddy, top Mustang ace, also flew the Jug. He scored three aerial victories in the P-47, none in the P-40 while in Australia, and all the rest of his 27 aerial victories in the P-51. You have put together a great site. Congrats!!

Posted By: Joe Noah (noahbjr@kerrlake.com) on 06/09/1998 7:37:29 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 491)
Hi I am a member of the advocates group. Saw the WWW site in a mailing from the Advocates. Just love p-47, wish A&E,History, and Discovery Channels realize there was another fighter in WWII other than the Mustang. I hope to send a letter to The HIstory channel for their MOVIES IN TIME section C/O Sander Vanocker to run the movie Fighrt Squadron with Robert Stack , Edward O’Brien etc. I saw it when it first came out, and years ago i made a copy of TNT Channel. Nice to see a web site for the plane. I sold a drugstore in 1992 and another in 1995 along with my brother. I took some cash and had Anderson Model Co make me a model of Col Hub Zemke’s pP-47 with proper paint and labels--best $195.00 spent in a long time!! Regards

Posted By: William L Dyer (WDYER@aol.com) on 06/05/1998 5:02:59 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 490)
Visitors Note: If you have flown the Jug before 1956, please print out the Membership Application form here and mail it to us to join the Association

Posted By: Dave Eldridge (REldri@aol.com) on 06/01/1998 1:44:54 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 489)
Hi P47Pilots!....I’m Glad to see a guestbook on your site....It will be great to see the comments of those who have visited the site and have the ability to respond to their messages. Good Luck with your website!

Posted By: Robert James (webmaster@p47pilots.com) on 06/01/1998 1:25:55 PM EST

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