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Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1140)
I am back once more trying to connect with anyone from the 84th Fighter Sqdn of the 78th F.G. I was there Aug 44 till Feb 21 when I was shot down by ground fire and wound up in Stalag IIIA. I would love to hear from you!

Posted By: Burt Newmark (wzkbar@att.net) on 12/29/2000 8:14:14 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1139)
W.W. 2 CBI

Posted By: Marte Cook` (marte2000@yahoo.com) on 12/28/2000 9:11:56 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1138)
Bill Benedict enlisted in the RCAF 1941 received wings Yorkton, Saskatchewan Canada July 1941. RAF 55 OTU - 154 Sqn - 127 Sqn. (desert Hurricanes) Transferred to USAAF December 1942 (wise move 3X RAF pay!!) Became CO 66th Ftr Sqn 57th Ftr Grp 9th AF Durragh, West Libya flying P-40's then P-47's in Italy. I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers Bill Benedict.

Posted By: Wally P. Fydenchuk (wpf13@hotmail.com) on 12/27/2000 11:36:18 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1137)
I am an avid student of the air war in WWII, and a member of the National Warplane Museum in Elmira,NY. I truly believe that the Thunderbolt's combination of firepower, ruggedness, and sheer power made it unarguably THE best fighter and fighter/bomber of the War! We were fortunate enough to have a P-47 at our museum's Wings of Eagles Airshow this year, and there is just an awesome quality to the plane. It was parked on the tarmac next to three P-51's and a P-40, but the Jug just seemed to overwhelm the other fighters(in my mind, at least). Not only that, but there is absolutely no substitute for the mighty roar of that incredible Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine. SWEET MUSIC!!

Posted By: Brian T. Mallory (BMALLORY@TWCNY.RR.COM) on 12/27/2000 11:13:41 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1136)
I fly radio controlled planes and I will be building a scale model of the p47 Thunderbolt

Posted By: Keith Treasure (pearlkeith@bigpond.com) on 12/27/2000 4:11:26 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1135)
As I have previously noted on this site, I am a former P-47 and P-51 pilot, and was stationed on Iwo Jima prior to the end of World War II, where I flew with the 413th Fighter Squadron (P-47). I arrived on Iwo Jima on July 8, 1945, and left to return to the United States in mid-November 1945. If there are any other former pilots who were on Iwo Jima at that time, particularly from my squadron or any of the other squadrons in my group (414th Fighter Group, 7th Fighter Command, 20th Air Force), I would be delighted to hear from you. Sincerely, Frank Johnson

Posted By: Frank W. Johnson (FrankandAndre1@aol.com) on 12/26/2000 10:25:38 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1134)
Is ex P-47 pilot Arthur Shanley a member of this association? Is he still residing in Waukesha, WI?

Posted By: Wally P. Fydenchuk (wpf13@hotmail.com) on 12/24/2000 11:25:38 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1133)
Does anyone remember P-47 pilot George Howell Love New Athens, Ohio? He was based at Selfridge Field and was killed in a P-47 crash in Canada January 1945. Flight leaders name was McIntosh.

Posted By: Wally P. Fydenchuk (wpf13@hotmail.com) on 12/24/2000 11:16:59 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1132)
Seeking information on P-47 pilot Scotty Bannerman. He was /is from North or South Dakota. Scotty was a flying instructor in the RCAF at 9 SFTS Centralia.He transferred to the USAAF stating he wanted to fly something with an armful of throttles. Apparently he got one big throttle with the P-47.

Posted By: Wally P. Fydenchuk (wpf13@hotmail.com) on 12/24/2000 11:09:42 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1131)
Researcher seeking information on Americans who joined the RCAF prior to Pearl Harbor. Many transferred back into the USAAF and flew P-47's

Posted By: Wally P. Fydenchuk (wpf13@hotmail.com) on 12/24/2000 11:03:22 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1130)
My grandfather was a p-47 pilot ,Milford Nelson.This is a cool sight and it's nice to get a little insight to these amazing trying times !Thank you all for defending my country for me !I'm truly honored!

Posted By: Eric Shofe (artfish220@home.com) on 12/19/2000 6:16:59 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1129)
My grandfather was a p-47 pilot ,Milford Nelson.This is a cool sight and it's nice to get a little insight to these amazing trying times !Thank you all for defending my country for me !I'm truly honored!

Posted By: Eric Shofe (artfish220@home.com) on 12/19/2000 6:16:44 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1128)
My father, Harold E. Gallagher, was a P-47 fighter pilot stationed in England during WWII. He was in the 56th Fighter Group. I was browsing for info to print out for him on the internet.

Posted By: Billie Jo Gallagher (billiejo1956@hotmail.com) on 12/18/2000 3:30:17 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1127)
Two things. First, I regret to inform you all that my Dad, Kenneth M. Knowles, formerly of the 406th FG, died on December 8th 2000 of complications arsing from lung cancer. Second, can anyone tell me if there are any P-47s still flying and making appearances at air shows, etc? Ifso. please email me details of owners names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Thanks in advance. Craig Knowles ctknowles@mediaone.net

Posted By: Craig Knowles (ctknowles@mediaone.net) on 12/16/2000 12:08:59 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1126)
corrected e-mail address

Posted By: (anonymous visitor) (pacoetal@bellsouth.net) on 12/13/2000 1:07:57 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1125)
The reunion was wonderful. We in Pensacola have come to understand the respect and love the members of the 36TH feel for each other. It is always a pleasure and and humbling event to come with the Darnley's to meet our heroes. Be safe and healthy until we meet again. Paco, Sharon, Jim, Ann and most of all TODD.

Posted By: paco & sharon meador (pacoeyal@bellsouth.net) on 12/13/2000 1:04:53 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1124)
What a great site. My late father served in B-24's as a navigator, then later in the Pacific with the 313th Bomb Wing (B-29's), but he always remembered the first sight of P-47's flying escort for his B-24 group over the Channel. Thanks to allyou guys that flew this great plane,and added thanks for helping bring Dad back home so many times. Would love to hear from some of you and thank you personally.

Posted By: Ed Shelnutt (edshelnutt@hotmail.com) on 12/12/2000 10:50:52 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1123)

Posted By: rich mellom () on 12/11/2000 3:17:54 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1122)
I take the liberty of referring to you in the hope of obtaining some information about the fighter crash occurred during the World War II very near my town Cuneo (latitude Nord 44°23’ – longitude East Greenwich 7° 33’) that is in the North-West of Italy and exactly to the South of Turin. The target was the Cuneo bridge. I’m not sure the plane was P 47 or P 51, but I suppose that was P 47. I know that the exact day of the loss was August 2, 1944 and that the pilot died and was missing. I’m also very interested in the witnesses about the bombing missions in my research area that is the North-West of Italy, to the South of Turin (Cuneo, Borgo San Dalmazzo, Fossano, Mondovì, Roccavione, Savigliano,....) I know that the air bases for the bombing missions over North of Italy were in Corsica, Fighter Group: 27th, 57th, 79th, 86th, 324th, 350th of 12th Air Force, 1944-45. My town, Cuneo, is 152 miles far (as the crow flies) from Bastia in the Corsica Isle. For all those reply to me, I will enclose an Excel.xls file with dates and towns list and some notes about hit targets. Thank you very much for the courtesy and assistance. Ciao Sergio Costagli.

Posted By: Sergio Costagli (sergio.costagli@icsnet) on 12/08/2000 2:08:06 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1121)
I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at http://members.home.net/stellarimages

Posted By: Rudy Preus (stellarimages@home.com) on 12/07/2000 11:10:24 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1120)
This is an excellent site and it's refreshing to see that so many people are interested in keeping history alive.

Posted By: SSgt. Laurinda Burns (laurinda.burns@maxwell.af.mil) on 12/05/2000 3:29:56 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1119)

Posted By: a () on 12/01/2000 6:04:23 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1118)
A new e-mail address for inquires re the 36th Fighter Group and class 44C(or others) Moore Field, TX.

Posted By: Charles Queen (cqueen@austin.rr.cxom) on 12/01/2000 10:15:21 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1117)
TO David Kirk re: March 10, 2000. The e-mail failed so I’ll leave message here. Gene Baker flew with your great-uncle Col. Allison on the first combat mission of the 48th Ftr Grp out of Ibsley. He recalls he was a very experienced pilot and the oldest pilot he knew. Do you have a log of that flight? Gene lost his log book to termites. Let me know if you wish to talk to Gene.

Posted By: Rod Hodel (hodel@tx3.net) on 11/30/2000 5:22:45 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1116)
I’m writing for Gene Baker, 48th FG/493 Sqn, Gene was at Ibsley for 25 combat missions and at A-4 Normandy for 25. He flew with Roy Lind “Big “ Baker, Ops Officer, wingmen Pee Wee Snyder, plane named Frostie and Lt. Felk. Other pilots were Lee Sheehan, flying Dot’s Hope, Orlando Frank, “G.I. “ Jonas, Young, Cameron , and Wolf. David Wiedemann was in his flight when he was killed in action by a Fw 190. If anyone knows these pilots, please let me know. Gene would love to hear from or about them. At Ibsley, there were brick homes with thatched roofs shared by 4 pilots and the laundry lady there had 4 sons all killed in action with the RAF. If anybody knew her or this family, Gene would like to hear from you. Other places he served were Ontario, Canada with the RCAF fall of 1941 to Feb. 1942 where he trained in Tiger Moths and Fleet Finches. Next he was in Maxwell Field, Louisiana, Selma, Al, and Key Field, Meridian, Ms. He earned his wings at Selma, Al. He was a charter pilot of the 48th Fighter Grp. Baton Rouge, La. After 50 missions, in late summer of 1944, he was sent to Randolph Field, San Antonio for Instructor School then to Waco, Tx, Moore Field, Mission (Marshall?),Tx until Jan. 1945. After that he was at New Berg Field, West Point, NY. Please e-mail me if you knew him at these postings. Gene considers himself very lucky. Although he flew low- level missions- he swears the Germans threw everything from 88s to over shoes at him- he never had a hole in his plane. He never saw an enemy airplane. He says the firepower of the 8 .50 machineguns was tremendous. The ground at the strafing range was rototilled 2 feet deep by bullets. He caught a German motorcycle between 25 feet high hedge rows. When he was hit, rider, machine and message cleared the hedges. A favorite target when they had ammunition left was wooden water towers. After a few barely noticeable splinters flew off, the towers would explode in a spectacular 50 feet high geyser of water. Thanks for a great page and a chance for those pilots to contact each other.

Posted By: Rod Hodel (hodel@tx3.net) on 11/30/2000 3:03:28 PM EST

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