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Posted By: Larry Mehlmauer (jmehl@qwest.net) on 09/02/2001 8:53:46 PM EST

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Posted By: larry mehlmauer () on 09/02/2001 8:51:00 PM EST

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Found P-47 crashed aircraft on Guam, near Mt. Santa Rosa. Anyone know of August 1944 crash this area. Thanks. colt denfeld

Posted By: colt denfeld (duanedenfeld@usa.net) on 09/01/2001 3:04:05 PM EST

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and always HONOR THE FALLEN not just on hoilidays But Every Day

Posted By: Greg Cochran (tbolt1@frontiernet.net) on 08/30/2001 8:36:05 PM EST

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I am seeking information on the 65th FS while in the Comand of Col.Phil Cochran such as the letter of his aircraft and the nose art if anyone has photos let me know as I am about to finish the razorback I have been working on for the last 90 days and need to do the Decals

Posted By: Greg Cochran (tbolt1@frontiernet.net) on 08/30/2001 8:28:15 PM EST

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Posted By: Matt McElroy (mattmcelroy@yahoo.com) on 08/29/2001 8:36:19 PM EST

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I would also like to comment that his plane landed with some 1200 holes or more in it and he was unharmed. If anyone has any info or remember this please post a follow up. Thanks and good night. Sleep tight.

Posted By: MISTY RICKS (DAISYM45@AOL.COM) on 08/26/2001 3:25:56 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1368)
I am not sure how to find more info and this is all I have about my grandfather. He was T. Sargent James T. Hammett 18109779 348th bomber squad 99th bomber 16th Division. On January 28, 1944 a letter was postmarked from New York, New York A.P.O.520 co. mrst new york, new york I know he was bombing over Sicily (some railroad tracks) other info: 1030AP.AP.F bofe anit fqda9g.aafrf #3 Santa Monica, Calif in April 25th, 1944. I would love to hear from anyone that could give me any info no matter how much just something. I only knew him until I was about 5 yrs old. He did of cancer in 1974 I believe. My mom would love to know more as all of her old records have been destroyed. Thank You, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU GREAT AND COURAGEOUS PEOPLE.

Posted By: MISTY RICKS (DAISYM45@AOL.COM) on 08/26/2001 3:23:41 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1367)
Looking for a P-47 pilot who dated my mom in Roanoke, Va. in 1944-45. She lived in New Castle Va. at the time but worked in Roanoke. Her maiden name was Mary L. Atkins. She said he was a great guy but she married the greatest guy when she married my DAD. Thanks......

Posted By: Doug Kemp (dckinc@rbnet.com) on 08/26/2001 1:00:24 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1366)
Just want to THANK all the vets who gave their all during those trying years. There are really no words that can say what I feel but you guys are the GREATEST.

Posted By: Doug Kemp (dckinc@rbnet.com) on 08/26/2001 12:48:47 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1365)
I am looking for anyone who have have known Lt. Colonel Rufus O. Barkley, Jr. He was a P47 Thunderbolt pilot. I''m sorry that''s about all the information I have on him other than his plane crashed during WWII. My father who served in the Army at that time is deceased and I regret that I did not obtain information about my uncle from him and the missions in which he participated. Thanks to anybody who can help or direct me in finding this information.

Posted By: Bobbie (Barkley) Brownfield (bjb1_6901@yahoo.com) on 08/25/2001 2:44:56 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1364)
Error in spelling. Looking for anyone who knew M/SGT George Brosick. 40th M.C. SQD, 368 F.G.

Posted By: Don Boice (donandjanice@msn.com) on 08/23/2001 9:27:02 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1363)
I am looking for information on the following unit from WW2 40th M.C. SQD, 368 F.G. or any one who knew the late M/SGT George Borsick who served with that group.

Posted By: Don Boice (donandjanice@msn.com) on 08/23/2001 9:24:00 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1362)
i was navy WW2, but love the air force. my closest personal friend flew the jug in italy. name: gene franco . dasve parnay

Posted By: david parnay (adparnay@webtv.net) on 08/23/2001 6:17:21 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1361)
I was delighted when someone passed on your website address.to find so many people who, having flown T-Bolts, had the same feelings about the aircraft as I had. Shortly after joining my Squadron,then flying Hurricane 2C''s, we were sent down to Yelahanka aerodrome outside of Bangalore in central India and converted onto the shining new ''birds''I can still recall the tremendous excitement of flying these modern powerful fighters. What an improvement over the doughty but tired old Hurricanes.We were the 2cd RAF Squadron to do so and were followed by many others (16 in all if my memory serves me correctly)We were sent back up to the front operating from many different airfields including several grass strips and moving down Burma as the 14th Army regained the initiative and finally drove the enemy right out of Burma. Most of our work was supplying close support to the 14th Army but on several occassions we flew as fighter escort for RAF Liberators bombing Rangoon and points south. Our longest trip on these missions was 6.5 hours which might well have been intolerable in a less comfortable cockpit.

Posted By: L. Doug Perkins (dougperkins@telus.net) on 08/23/2001 12:56:54 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1360)
Anyone wishing to pay tribute to a P-47 Pilot who gave their all for their country, may do so by submitting a 250 word or less story about their loved one who never made it home. These brave pilots cannot tell their stories, but you can. Post their stories so they can be remembered forever. All stories must be factual, include pilot''s name, rank and unit. All contributions become property of the P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Assn. LTD and may be edited at the discretion of the organization. These stories will be posted on the newly redesigned P-47 Pilots Website, launching in the near future.

Posted By: webmaster (webmaster@p47pilots.com) on 08/22/2001 5:08:02 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1359)
As a WW2 Fighter Buff, I am so excited to find this site. I must say my heart goes out ot all of the familys who gave up a loved one to WW2 and just know that I will instill in my children what they offered as well as all those who fought in WW2. Our lives forever will be in debt to you. May God Bless each and every one of you! And please accept my warmest thanks.

Posted By: Joey Love (Bocasurfer1@aol.com) on 08/21/2001 12:20:46 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1358)
Looking for friend''s of my two deceased uncles. 1st.LT.Lester E. Barton, 451st Bomb Squad. 322nd Bomb Group. Sgt.Chester Barton,379th Bomb Squad. 310th Bomb Group. They were brothers,Lester a Pilot, Chester a Gunner, both killed in WWII, USAAF. If you were a friend please email me! Thanks, Judy

Posted By: Judy Holland (Johnholland@webtv.net) on 08/21/2001 2:28:17 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1357)
Help. I am the head of a volunteer team at Peterson AFB, Co.That P-47N isn't on the pole anymore. It's in the Air & Space Museum hanger. We want to bring the bird back as for as possible. Allot of damage was done putting it on the pole 30 yearsago, and the birds didn''t help much eather. We will have to do allot of metal work on the bottom . Need all the tec. info. we can get. Thanks Wayne Farrow

Posted By: AEC Wayne K. Farrow USN ( RET ) (kaway1@qwest.net) on 08/20/2001 3:16:52 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1356)
My brother was Lt. William F. Ort, (Billy), he was a Thunderbolt pilot, trained out of Luke Airfield Base in AZ. His plane was supposedly shot down over Germany in 1944, I am looking for anyone who knew of him. Please respond.

Posted By: evelyn McFeely (evebun@safeco.com) on 08/19/2001 2:58:24 AM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1355)
I am 47 years old, and sinse my childhood I was a fan of P 47, because it was operated by brazilian pilots during our participation on WW II in Italy. I am happy for this page where we can keep live the memory of this outstanding fighter.

Posted By: Marcos Cesar Fernandes (marccesar@zipmail.com.br) on 08/18/2001 2:08:11 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1354)
Was withthe 352nd FS,353rd FG. Spent spring of 1943 at Millville. Visited the 50th year reunion, but will not be there this year. Would like a picture of the Wall of Rembrance. Would also like to know if any more of the 352 FG ever returned to Millville Air Base. Best of luck Cliff Boche

Posted By: Cliff Boche (cboche@mn.medianone.net) on 08/17/2001 9:49:42 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1353)
My Grandfather COL William H McChesney flew for the 9thAF 356FG 388th squadern. I would like to know if anyone knows of him and has any info for me that may help me in making som models of his A/C so as i can give him this great gift. please any info would help.

Posted By: Todd W McChesney (tdchez@aol.com) on 08/15/2001 5:56:15 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1352)
Looking for heritage of 62FS, 8AF, ETO for Luke AFB (F-16) succesor squadron. 602-588-0852. Excellent Site.

Posted By: Chris Rubacha, Maj, USAF (Ret) (phyler2@aol.com) on 08/15/2001 1:51:36 PM EST

Guestbook Entry (msg id: 1351)
Greetings all! My name is Troy and i work within the Mirosoft Flight Simulation community. I am trying to locate the SN# and fuselage markings/code for the P-47 of Pilot Capt. Herbert Stachler--Lil'' Herbie. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me with any information. Thank you and Godspeed.

Posted By: Troy Raszka (raszka@gte.net) on 08/14/2001 1:16:41 PM EST

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